Focus and accountability to explode your profits and your growth

With your Bodhi Business Advisors profitability and growth coach, you’ll have the momentum, discipline, and accountability to lead your business in the direction you want to go. You’ll make decisions confidently, based on sound financial data. This clarity and momentum is the key to reclaiming your business and your life. You’ll be able to enjoy entrepreneurship for the wild, invigorating ride it is.

Together with your profitability and growth coach, you’ll figure out…

  • How to take your business from surviving to thriving
  • How to use data to make confident decisions and set yourself up for growth and success
  • How to reclaim your life and have a successful business

Without a plan, you run the risk of wasting time and working inefficiently. We’ll help you identify the best way to move forward and overcome the barriers impeding your growth.

Bodhi Baseline Workshop

The Bodhi Baseline Workshop will uncover and eliminate your hidden obstacles to growth with an actionable plan designed to get immediate results.


Our CFO Services give you the edge you need to make quick, confident decisions based on sound financial data, and position you for success.

Price for Profits

Through our Pricing Advisory services Harness the psychology of why people buy, and understand how to package and display your pricing for optimum sales.

Small Business Success Solution

Overcome your challenges with a straightforward plan for success.

“Lisa spent hours gathering qualitative and quantitative information about our company to create detailed and fact-driven projections. Her effort and care have helped us plan and prepare for strategic moves months in advance.”
- Barrett O’Neill, On Demand Storage