Overcome your challenges with a straightforward plan for success

At Bodhi Business Advisors, our mission is to help you achieve profitability and growth. While the majority of our portfolio focuses on managing financial planning, strategy, and execution for large organizations, we’ve helped many small business owners tackle specific challenges to grow quickly, efficiently, and predictably.

A small business owner, you might not need all of the support included in our Peak Performance, Business Growth, or Business Insights plan. Instead of trying to fit you into a plan that works for us, we designed a plan to support your specific needs and challenges.  

If you’re looking for a specific action plan designed to propel your business forward, even in times of economic uncertainty, The Small Business Success Solution is the answer.

Imagine how much easier and more enjoyable your life would be if you could…

  • Enjoy exponential gains, year after year, without the constant fear of cash-flow issues
  • Tackle the root cause of your current financial challenges so you can confidently meet and exceed your profitability goals
  • Triple your productivity, streamline your operations and spend more time working on your business versus in it
  • Generate leads quickly, create lifelong customers, and tap into the profitable world of referrals simply by understanding why your customers really buy
  • Quickly calculate the ROI of new technology or marketing efforts before you spend a fortune implementing them
  • Discover out how every aspect of your business—people, processes, technology, and marketing—either impede your business or propel it forward

Whether you’re looking to grow revenue, reclaim work-life balance, or achieve long term sustainability, we can help. The Small Business Success Solution is the high-octane strategic plan you need to move forward confidently, knowing you’re on the quickest, most direct path to business growth.

Get unstuck. Refuel your passion. Reclaim your life.
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“Lisa's helped my social media agency with bookkeeping, taxes, and business + financial planning. She's been an incredible asset and guide for several years, both in my previous brand (Ginger Green Financial) and as a co-founder of The Spark Social. We have relied on Lisa to help prepare docs and guide us through significant growth and opportunities. She's helped us assess our potential and have the confidence to execute on our plans. Highly recommend making time to meet with her to discuss your needs.”
- Nicole Eller, The Spark Social