Are you the captain of your business, or does it feel like your business is controlling you?

With your Bodhi Baseline complete, you’ll understand the quickest, most direct path to your goals. Now, we’ll put the numbers on your plan, benchmark where you are, and set monthly and quarterly goals. This clarity makes achieving your future business state a scientific formula versus a costly guessing game.

With customized CFO/Controllership Services, you’ll be able to figure out…

  • Whether you need to cut costs or you need to develop a revenue plan. The answer might surprise you!
  • Which of your business activities are maximizing your profits and giving you the best ROI
  • If your processes are crippling your profits and what processes will help you optimize to increase your business
  • If you’re on track to meet your three-, five-, and 10-year goals.

If the mere thought of not being able to work gives you anxiety, it’s a sign of a bigger issue. You can reach a new level of success if you get out of your own way and start working on your business instead of in it. We’ll help you get there.

“When your business grows in size and revenue, you have to change the way you operate. Failing to do so is like swimming against the current. The longer you try, the more exhausted you’ll get. Eventually, you’ll have to adapt and change, or give in and be taken under.”
- Lisa Raiche, owner, Bodhi Business Advisors