What Do You Mean I Owe Taxes? I Don’t Have Any Money.

I speak with many entrepreneurs and business owners and all seem to fear the ‘boogie tax man’.

“I don’t understand my business finances or the taxes and that side of it”.  

The unfortunate next chapter to this story is that taxes, while scary for just about everyone, business owner or not, is the least of an entrepreneurs worries.   Read More

Do You “Fear” Your Business Finances?

I get asked a lot about business "finances" all the time. The term "business finance" is vague...its like saying “I eat healthily” in big air quotes. I eat healthy too & I ate a bag of vegan cookies from D’s lectables yesterday afternoon, therefore “I eat healthy”. Context is what matters. Like anything else in life or business, the story we create in our head is what we fear. It’s not our finances, it’s the story we tell ourselves about our finances that we fear. Read More

Are you on track to achieve your 2019 business goals?

If you’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur in the early stages of your business or a seasoned entrepreneur who feels like you are spinning your wheels all by yourself, feel like you have no idea what you’re doing or no one you can talk to for real about your biz, we’ve got an amazing solution for you. Read More

Welcome New Innovation Women: 6-13-18

via Welcome New Innovation Women: 6-13-18 Welcome to our latest Innovation Women speakers! We’ve got an incredible new crop of speakers to satisfy every event manager’s fondest wish. We’ve got an incredible new crop of speakers to satisfy every event manager’s fondest wish. We have new speakers and subject… Read More

Invoicing + no collection process = cash flow issues

Cashflow problems don’t discriminate.  Even profitable businesses with ‘plenty of revenue’ & interested investors can have cash flow difficulties.  Studies show that over 80% of small businesses failures are due to poor cash management.  Your business may be this year’s Tickle Me Elmo or Pet Rock but if you are… Read More

What Opportunity are you losing out on at Year-End?

As a small business owner, you probably went into business to make money because you had found a way to satisfy a need with a product or service in the market place.  You’re an expert in your field.  In most cases, you’re not an expert in your businesses finances.  Are… Read More

The problem with only speaking to your accountant when you pick up your tax return

As a business owner, when was the last time you spoke to your accountant? If it was the day you picked up your tax return in March, your relationship with your accountant is a lost opportunity. Historically, accountants are publicly perceived as the ‘tax guy’ or auditors & only consulted… Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Revenue Plan

Any successful business owner will advise ‘you need a plan’; a business plan, a marketing plan & even a revenue plan.  A revenue plan will be the foundation for your businesses other planning efforts.   In its simplest form a revenue plan is, ‘what do I need to sell to generate… Read More

The reality of cutting costs versus developing a revenue plan

The ‘Gut’ reaction when a business isn’t profitable is to cut costs.  The unintended results of cost cutting may be reduced product or service quality, cash flow shortages or further erosion of profits & margin.  Let’s take a ‘widget maker’ with two or three employees.  He is looking for a… Read More

Are you getting your critical business information in real time? Part 2

Every successful business has its finger on the pulse of its financial information.  Business owners need to know their key numbers, revenue, closed deals, cost of goods sold & not the numbers in last year’s tax return & financial statements.  Last year’s information is out of date.  Businesses need today’s… Read More