Is It The Right Idea?

When is an idea the right idea for you? I love listening to podcasts while I work. I regularly listen to “Problem Solvers” from Entrepreneur Magazine. “Problem Solvers” covers ‘real’ entrepreneurs (not celebrity entrepreneurs) that have solved a problem in their business. In the August 18, 2020 episode “When You Have The Right Idea…At The Wrong Time” host and Editor In Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine Jason Feifer tells two stories from his own life about finding the right time for once-wrong ideas, and how you can make the most of yours.

This got me thinking about my own career and business. I spent the early 2000’s working in public accounting for a local firm preparing tax returns for small businesses. I watched as many lost their life savings and businesses after the housing bubble in 2008. What I wanted to be doing was helping, but we weren’t really helping anyone, just watching from the sidelines. I spent a number of years working in Corporate America where I developed my finance and accounting skills. I watched how the different businesses operated and at the right time in 2017, I left to start my own business. For me, being an advisor was a good idea, it just wasn’t the right time. I wasn’t ready to be an entrepreneur. Technology still had to develop and my skill set needed a few more tricks.

As I continue to consider this, I think more about other entrepreneurs and their ideas. Are you an entrepreneur currently operating a business with great ideas just waiting for the right time to roll them out? Are you reconsidering an idea that was previously thrown out? Or are you sitting on a the right idea that isn’t a business yet? There is no perfect time to start a business, but the time is now.

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