Are you on track to achieve your 2019 business goals?

Join the Bodhi Clarity Cohort Experience

If you’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur in the early stages of your business or a seasoned entrepreneur who feels like you are spinning your wheels all by yourself, feel like you have no idea what you’re doing or no one you can talk to for real about your biz, we’ve got an amazing solution for you.

In this 12-week Clarity Cohort Experience, you’ll join a group of entrepreneurs just like you to get clear, once and for all, about your revenue goals and (more importantly) how to achieve them. The benefits of this arrangement are twofold, Bodhi will lead the way by providing expert guidance and personalized support in the container of a group setting, while you’ll receive the value of partnership accountability and group support as business owners from different backgrounds weigh-in on the solutions to similar challenges they’ve faced. Together, we’ll break down the barriers stunting your growth, help you reclaim your business and your life, and transform the beast that is your business into a well-oiled machine that works for you.

Here’s what it will look like:

We’ll dive into every aspect of your business – people, processes, technology, and marketing – to reveal your barriers to growth. Every other week over the course of 12-weeks, we’ll meet as a group virtually via Zoom conferencing to cover the following topics:

1 – Mindmapping / Ideation
2 – Creating a plan / Business Canvas Model
3 – SWOT analysis
4 – Scoring :: Plan / Do / Test / Act
5 – Pricing for Profit
6 – Financial Statements / Projections

Together, we’ll develop quarterly goals and outline what you need to do to achieve them. At the end of 12-weeks, you’ll be crystal clear on what you’re doing and where you need to go. Armed with this powerful insight, you’ll know exactly what to do to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Amplify Upgrade
Continue to leverage the value of the group formed in the Clarity Cohort Experience, and Amplify these connections through group accountability and guided quarterly meetings.

Ultimate Upgrade
For the Ultimate Cohort Experience, choose the full Clarity Cohort Experience, plus the Amplify offering (described above) and 1:1 personalized strategy session with Lisa once per quarter to dig through the nitty-gritty personal stuff.

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